For five decades the IEA has produced groundbreaking research on transport. The Institute explored ideas such as road pricing and privatisation long before they entered the mainstream discourse. The IEA’s specialist transport work stream, founded in 2012, builds on this tradition. Its mission is to analyse and expound the role of markets in the transport sector.
Transport is a key part of the economy, affecting business costs, employment and the environment. But the sector is beset with serious problems. Networks are blighted by congestion and overcrowding, while new investment is often wasteful and badly distributed. Transport is also one area of the economy that remains subject to a high degree of central planning and political control. The IEA undertakes research into alternative, market-based approaches to transport policy.

The IEA won the Energy and Environment Think Tank of the Year Award at the Prospect Think Tank Awards 2013 for its work in the field of Transport.

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