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Richard Wellings was educated at Oxford and the London School of Economics, completing a PhD on transport and environmental policy at the latter in 2004. He joined the Institute in 2006 as Deputy Editorial Director. Richard is the author, co-author or editor of several papers, books and reports, including Towards Better Transport (Policy Exchange, 2008), A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty (Adam Smith Institute, 2009), High Speed 2: The Next Government Project Disaster? (IEA , 2011) and Which Road Ahead - Government or Market? (IEA, 2012). He is a Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre and the Economic Policy Centre.

Dr. Oliver Knipping is President of the Institute for Free Enterprise, a German free market think tank. Prior to completing a PhD on railway liberalisation at University College London (2002) he graduated from Humboldt University Berlin in economics (1998). He is Vice President of a global telecommunications company.

Gabriel Roth, civil engineer, transport economist, and early IEA author, researched the benefits from road improvement in the government's Road Research Laboratory, and the economics of car parking at the Department of Applied Economics in Cambridge. He served on the Ministry of Transport's ‘Panel on Road Pricing’ which reported in 1964. From 1967 to 1986 he was on the staff of the World Bank in Washington, which published his book on the private provision of public services in developing countries. Roth's other publications include Paying for Parking (IEA, 1965); A Self-Financing Road System (IEA, 1966); two other books; and over thirty papers on transport pricing, regulation and privatisation.

Paul Withrington graduated in Civil Engineering from Bristol University in 1962. In 1966/7 he took an MSc in Transport Planning under the aegis of the Greater London Council, where he worked for two years followed by a period as a lecturer at Portsmouth.  He joined Northamptonshire County Council in1975 as Project Manager, Transport Planning. Since 1994 he has directed Transport Watch appearing at public inquires and undertaking policy analysis. In 2000/01 he appeared as the Strategic Objector at the Public Inquiry into Railtrack's West Coast Main Line Modernisation Programme.

David Starkie is editor of the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy and a visiting professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. He is also a visiting research fellow at the University of Adelaide and senior associate at Case Associates, London. His many publications include The Motorway Age: road and traffic policies in post-war Britain (Pergamon, 1982) and Aviation Markets: studies in competition and regulatory reform (Ashgate, 2008). David has advised governments and legislatures across the world on transport policy issues, including urban transport planning, rail privatisation, road pricing and airport capacity. He was economic advisor to the European Commission’s delegation at ICAO-related proceedings on aviation and the environment, Montreal and Washington DC 1995-97, and was on the Civil Aviation Authority’s expert panel for NATS price cap review 2006 and airport competition framework assessments 2010-11.